All you need to know about IoTConnect platform with guides, tutorials and technical documentation

Add and manage IoT Devices

Keep your IoT devices secure and updated in the field, with insights and alerting into performance of your devices.

Manage users and roles

Add and manage users as per your requirements. Manage permissions to be shared with the users.

Configure rules

Understand your devices’ behavior when they function beyond the required parameter by setting rules.

Entity management

Manage entities, companies and sub-companies under a parent company. Get analytics for a single as well as a group of entities.

Command management

To achieve an automated environment, there needs to be pre-defined instructions that the devices can understand in order to perform certain tasks.

Firmware management

Create and release new firmware versions, edit the existing firmware and track the number of firmware you have released for OTA updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with IoTConnect?

You need to send an email/contact us for creating an account for IoTConnect. Once you receive the account details, follow the steps as mentioned in our guide to get started.

What are the different types of notifications?

You can send notifications via email, push notification, UI alert that notifies you on the platform itself, MQTT, WebHook, also via executing device command.

What type of devices are supported? Or What are the different devices that you can monitor?

There are a huge numbers of different hardware types, firmware versions, revisions and other variations of devices that are available in the IoT market. It is very much difficult to ensure plug and play compatibility with each and every device available in the market but we ensure you to help in making the most of the devices compatible with your system. please check out article to get more details.

How do we secure your device and application credentials?

When devices are registered or Company CPID are generated, the authentication token is salted and hashed. This means your company’s credentials can never be recovered from our systems.

How do we secure IoT information management within your company?

The browser-based GUI and REST APIs are fronted by HTTPS, with a certificate signed by one of top most SSL providers in the world, so you can trust that you’re connecting to the genuine IoT Platform. Using the REST API requires a Solution Key and basic token. Further you can use this to make authenticate REST API calls against your company.

What are Rules in IoTConnect? Why do we need to create Rules?

To get notified about unusual behavior of your devices, you need to set conditions on those devices. If these conditions aren’t met, you get notified by several methods like UI alert, email, and others modes. These conditions in IoTConnect are termed as rules. Get more details in our Rules management guide.